1800s Warship

The 1800’s Warship is still a WIP, but I wanted to post it, as I haven’t had the chance to work on it for quite a while. This project resulted from my childhood interest in old ships. I began studying the structure of a number of ships from this period and decided I wanted to attempt creating a highly detailed low-poly game model.

I began by creating a number of low poly objects such as an anchor, barrel, chest, cannon, lantern, ladder, etc. Then I began outlining the shape of the ship. I broke the hull into segments along its length and then connected them once the form looked correct. From there I began placing the decks and then began detailing the top deck.

I added the masts and added some of the detail objects into the main ship model. I also worked out a process for unwrapping and texturing the ship, and made some progress on this before I had to move on to other projects. You can see the progression of my work above.

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