About Our Family

Calvin, Rachel, Wayland & Willow

Calvin & Rachel got married July 30, 2011 & currently have 2 children named Wayland & Willow. As followers of Jesus, they seek to live simply and to love and bless those that God calls them to. They are both active in and thankful for their church home and Bible study group. Calvin works as a Frontend Web Developer and Rachel is a full-time mom. Calvin & Rachel enjoy art and music. They currently reside in Washington State.


Calvin was born in Bangkok, Thailand to missionary parents who at the time served as Bible translators. He grew up all over the United States and in Canada as well. He enjoys growing in his faith, friendships at their Bible Study Group as well as many creative outlets such as woodworking, graphic design, playing/recording music, and writing.


Rachel was born in Portland, Oregon into a Christian home as well - to parents serving in the ministry. Her dad served many years as a children's pastor. She grew up most of her childhood in Arlington, WA where they currently live. Rachel enjoys meeting with the moms in their local church, encouraging others, and some of her hobbies include painting, writing story books and being creative in teaching and training her kids.


Wayland is their oldest child. He is two years old and full of energy and joy. He loves learning new things and surprises us every day. He loves singing, reading, playing with his cars and legos, and going on walks. We thank God each day for him and are so thankful for the growth we see in him in obedience and character as we  seek to train him up biblically as parents.


Willow was born on February 16, 2018. She is already alert and growing. Each day of getting to know her a little more is a joy and blessing from God!