Boulder River Falls

This past weekend, my wife, Rachel and I were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine together, which is rare due to our schedule differences. We left after church on Sunday and headed out to Boulder River falls. It turns out the hike had just been mentioned in the Seattle Times, so it was quite crowded – though our late starting time meant we mostly saw people leaving as we made our way down the trail to the falls. It was perfect weather, not to hot or cool and the falls was roaring down.


We also got to hike past the first falls to the second one, which wasn’t as large, but beautiful nevertheless. The falls is about a half hour outside of Arlington, WA on the road to Darrington. You turn right onto a dirt road NF-2010 and wind your way up into the mountains. The turn off can be a little hard to spot. Look for a slight turn in the road where there is a line of trees next to the road and then a field behind that. The road cuts through the field (which has homes along one side of it) and heads into the forest beyond.

The hike isn’t too strenuous, but is perfect for families or just for a half day outing, and the falls at the end is beautiful. Sometimes we like to go out on the large rocks in the middle of the river, but only when the river isn’t raging, or it’s too dangerous.

I’m glad Rachel and I could get away for an afternoon, enjoy God’s beautiful creation, and eat a Haggen’s Turkey Focaccia sandwich by the falls.

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