Lopez Island

For our vacation time this year, Rachel and I took a short camping trip with our good friend Brook out to Lopez Island, WA. Brook had been before, and so he showed us some of the best spots. We camped at Odlin Park, just a mile from the ferry terminal once you get to the island – and from here we drove around the island and explored.

The locals are very friendly, and almost always wave to you from their cars as you drive by them on the road. The inside of the island is very peaceful – with rolling hills, farms, and vineyards. The beaches are beautiful as well – with some good low-difficulty hikes, and beautiful quiet bays. We went during the week which made it even quieter than usual (just how I like it).

I haven’t done much photography for a little while – and this time I wanted to experiment with more black and white photos than normal. Hope you enjoy the pictures and the beauty of Lopez Island.

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