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Forever Ipsum

Being a website designer and integrator I often find the need to use a random content generator for placeholder content (often referred to as lorem ipsum from the first two words of randomly generated Latin text). I decided to try my hand at creating my own simple random content generator that allows for both preset content and user-inputted ‘ipsum’ content. I’ve put in a few libraries of lists, quotes, etc. that I thought would make for fun placeholder content. I…

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jQuery Typing Script

I wrote this simple jQuery typing script to mimic a simplified word processor. Kind of like a simple Google Docs. I’ve used jQuery keypress events some, but it was fun to hijack the backspace, and space keys and re-purpose them for typing. If you’re interested in seeing how I did it go ahead and download the code! You can use any key to type. Pressing enter ‘commits’ the most recent typed characters into a group which can then be clicked…

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JQuery Game Engine

A while back, I started trying to create a full jQuery/HTML/CSS game editor for a rpg style game. I never ended up finishing, but used it as a project to learn a lot more about how jQuery works. Try it out and see what you think! Use the arrow keys to navigate. Space to Jump. And the action key is ‘v’. You can set actions on the action layer, add squares that are impassable with the blocked layer. And add…