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Lopez Island

For our vacation time this year, Rachel and I took a short camping trip with our good friend Brook out to Lopez Island, WA. Brook had been before, and so he showed us some of the best spots. We camped at Odlin Park, just a mile from the ferry terminal once you get to the island – and from here we drove around the island and explored. The locals are very friendly, and almost always wave to you from their…

Forest of Gold

Rachel and I worked together on this art project. We picked a bunch of leaves and spray painted them gold. We began texturing the canvas using hot glue…laying it on thick and then pressing and pulling on it to texture it.Once it cooled we began painting it and at last gluing on the leaves. We had a lot of fun creating it – and though the photo is neat, it looks much better in person. Rachel also repainted the outer…

Old Time Photo Shoot

During my first year here in Washington, I was getting to know my future wife’s family – working for her dad and brother. We had many great times together – and these photos were the result of one of them! We decided to dress up one night – old-fashioned style, and take some family photos. It was a lot of fun pretending to be pioneers and country folk.

Washington Tulips

Last year, my wife and I and her parents all went to see the Tulips! This is the first time for me – though they’ve been before, and it was beautiful. We took many pictures – and I’ve attached a secondary one of Rachel and I, but this one was my favorite artistic picture because of the still perfect reflection in the water of the tulips. Enjoy!

Shooting Star

I wrote this song for my wife when we were just starting to date. During our first summer of getting to know each other, we were apart, and often spoke on the phone together. One night Rachel saw a shooting star, and as we looked out at the night sky from our separate homes – and saw the same moon, same stars – it brought us closer together. Shooting Star Well I’m smelling the rain outside my window, And I’m…