Futuristic Vehicle

This project was kind of a celebration of finishing high school. I started this project just before graduating in 2007 and finished it later that same summer. I’ve always liked futuristic, sci-fi art styles and the materials and shapes that go with that genre.

This project, like a couple of mine before it, started off with no planning. I simply began to design in 3D with small shapes, and as I built I began to formulate an idea of what I wanted in a final product. A little way into the project, when I had a rough idea of what I was aiming for, I sketched out the basic shape of the vehicle before using that as a loose guideline for completing the project. I grew a lot artistically from this project, not only in the presentation and style of my art, but also in my appreciation for details and light.

This piece is featured in the official gallery on the blender3d.org website, the gallery on blenderartists.org/forum, and in an issue of BlenderArt Magazine.

This piece also was noticed by Belgium based company iMaterialise, who I gave permission to use in expanding the capabilities of their 3d printing software. They sent me a complimentary 3d print of the model and use it in some of there material as seen here.

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