Is Your Life Going Nowhere?

A Silent Video Poem

by Calvin Culy

I woke up today,
Wanting to try again,
And to try something different,
To take a new path than the one I’d taken every day before,
Since the day I was born.

That maybe I could find a clue that would lead me closer to the elusive truth I’ve been searching all my life to find,
A truth which in turn might give me hope.
It’s been a long time…since I had hope.
But I faced the world again,
My empty heart against its empty smile,
I gazed out blankly to find something new that promised truth…a place I had not been before,
Since the day I was born.

This is the fruit of the vine,
I have seen it before, but it goes by unnoticed and ignored.
So for just one more time I left in search for the one thing I blocked my heart against,
That still calls out, and stills my hand today,
Son come home.

Truly truth is a vast and beautiful thing.
But step and step again,
My feet have no ears to hear,
They can only step and step again,
Since the day I was born.

I searched and searched,
I left no dark corner undiscovered,
No rock unturned, no door unopened,
But when I returned I was as empty handed as when I set out.
I made my way up the path, up the steps,
And inside at the end of another fruitless day,
Just as I have,
Since the day I was born.

Maybe if I search a little farther tomorrow,
And look a little harder,
I will find what’s been right outside my door.
Since the day I was born.

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