Shooting Star

I wrote this song for my wife when we were just starting to date. During our first summer of getting to know each other, we were apart, and often spoke on the phone together. One night Rachel saw a shooting star, and as we looked out at the night sky from our separate homes – and saw the same moon, same stars – it brought us closer together.


Shooting Star

Well I’m smelling the rain outside my window,
And I’m awed at this vast stretching sky,
You’re looking out your window as well,
Watching the star fall tonight.

It’s falling, it’s falling it’s falling to the ground. (x2)

Sweet dreams to you my shooting star,
Blow a wish ‘cause the future’s not so far.
Sweet dreams to you where’er you are,
Blow a kiss to a smile from afar.
Blow a kiss to a smile from afar.

See it’s looking like they’re moving closer,
These storm clouds just won’t leave me alone,
But I’m not focused on uncertainties,
But on Him who leads me till I’m home.

He’s leading, he’s leading, he’s leading me back home. (x2)

Yesterday came and went,
And today is almost gone again,
For the first time, I’m realizing,
That’s your starry skies hold my friends.

So far away,
But shining so I can see,
This distance separates,
Nothing from me.

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