Short Story

Birds Fly South in Winter

I sat down next to her and opened my book, also a novel though more thrilling than touching, and began to read. I had just turned the page when she finally looked up from hers. I tensed...
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To Blink Another World

I opened my eyes and breathed in sharply. The air was crisp and milky white as it left my mouth. I could feel it crystallizing on my fingertips and attaching its thousands of needlelike shards up and down my arms and legs. But the rest of me was still warm, wrapped in a glassy bubble of blue and purple that swirled about its surface with a life of its own.
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A Father

Father smiles and squeezes a bit more. “It’s okay. It’s okay. I want to tell you this even though you might not understand now. One day you will, and you will remember these words that I’ve told you…You see, there will come a time when your eyes are able to see things you can’t see right now.
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